• I came accross a WP blog that uses frames, I have never used frames as when I began with wd they were so frowned upon.

    I have to say that this site does look nice, I know browsers have a hard time indexing them but was wondering what some of the inhouse experts think.

    Here is the blog


    Yes I see that I have seen others that utilize frames but did not check source code and did not know but the others have an ugly scroll horizontal

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  • That could be replicated without the use of frames. I don’t see how frames would be beneficial there.

    I agree, frames are so last decade.

    Looks like the only thing those frames are good for on that site is masking the URL.

    Yeah I agree frames are a century old, I have never used them or even know how.

    Personally I’m not against frames. Being a designer, I know sometimes it’s nice to have a permanent colored band across the screen purely for the aesthetic value of it. But yeah, before I give in to frames, I’d think a LOT about alternatives. There are other reasons you might want to use frames; sometimes you would prefer to submit data to a server without refreshing the page in which case invisible (0 sized, borderless) frames and some javascript magic can work wonders (user clicks content frame button, data copied to invisible frame, form in invisble frame submitted). There might be frameless alternatives to this, but all I’m saying is frames should be a part of your repertoire. It’s an alternative, and sometimes, it might be the only one or the most convenient one.

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