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    Hi there

    I’m not recieving emails when I test the form pretending to be a customer.

    I dont understand how to set the form setting correctly I dont think.

    I cant work out what the difference is between:

    Reply-To E-mail
    E-mail(s) To

    to me I assume this is really just the same email address yeah?

    like when sombody fills my form out and I have an email field to put their email in. that means I assume their email will automatically be involved into my message to me when the form is submitted. right?

    so with that in mind what are those two fields for in the form settings?

    one of them cant be for an email address that I dont know like a random users? that is what the email field in my form is for right.

    so why is there two email fields in the form settings. i dont get it?

    any help to clarify what the two seperate settings are for would be helpful.

    i’ve tried a combination of leaving one blank and put my email address in the other and vice versa. i’ve tried having my email address in both settings as well and that dosent seem to work either.

    any help would be very much appreciated.


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  • Plugin Author Matthew Muro



    The Reply-To email is what you want exactly that: the email that is replied to. You can set this either manually or dynamically. Using the dropdown to the right of this, User’s E-mail (optional), it will use the user’s email address as the reply to. This is helpful when you want to reply directly and easily to someone who has submitted your form.

    The Email(s) To option is really simple. Who do you want the emails to go to? Just you? Your boss? Both?

    If you are having problems with receiving the email, follow the tips here.

    Hope that helps clarify.

    ok thankyou for replying.

    so i think i’ve been thrown by the fact that the reply-to email can be something other than directly replying back to the person who filled in the form. i thought it would be assumed that the person filling in the form is who you would reply to in every case.

    but obviously there are instances that this may not be the case which is why you’ve provided other options.

    i’ve got it working now

    cheers for your help


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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