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  • I have been searching for weeks for a solution to Trackbacks in 1.2. They DO NOT WORK. Period. Several posts in this support forum go completely ignored. Nobody has posted any kind of response, even questions about particulars of the people having problems. I am growing entirely UNIMPRESED with this particular piece of software by the day, as more days go by (weeks) without any apparent attempt to answer this problem. Trackbacks is an absolute requirement for me for any weblog software I use. Somebody PLEASE pipe up and let us know you’re listening.

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  • It would be fairer to say that some people are having problems with trackbacks, but that the majority have none.
    A link would be useful – because then for instance I could test post from my blog both trackback and ping a post of yours.
    Do you mean that when you trackback to someone else it does not show up on their blog, or that if someone trackbacks a post of yours, you see no notification ?
    As I said, a link so we can test would be part of the solution.

    If trackbacks are essential to you, why did you install software in which trackbacking is known to be buggy? I am sure that as soon as the development team figure out what’s going wrong and how to fix it they will do so, but it’s not as if shouting at them is going to make them think faster.

    p.s. the nature of the problem is at

    It was an initial install for me; I had no idea trackbacks weren’t working at the time.
    They’ve never worked for me; I’m using Haloscan to ping them manually.

    I installed the software AFTER looking for features, and finding that Trackbacks were indeed a feature. I only found the other “problems” after experiencing the problem and doing searches in support. I read of the Trackback feature in the Product information. I do have another blog (MT) which I wil continue to use until trackbacks are fixed, and I find out how to get my previous MT entries with HTML in them to show up as HTML instead of the tag text.
    But I did do initial reading BEFORE. The bugs I found later. I’ve never seen a reply to ANY of the trackback problem posts by anyone from the development team. At least by searching for “Trackbacks” in the support forum. Is there a particular place I should be looking?

    dlature – link ?
    Then we can try pinging and trackbacking from various sites. It might help.

    @dlature. This must be frustrating for you. But plenty of folks have it running fine. Inferences can be drawn from that fact. The glich is not universal, it is variable. The program works as advertised. As to the specifics, people can help you work through the likely suspects, servers, firewalls, variations in versions, borked ftp, and bugs who knows. ?. It is worth persevering with.

    Probably a stupid question, but do you have the allow link notifications checked? I just tried doing one to your post and nothing showed up, but then I did one to my post and it was fine…. is the site URL

    Allow link notification is ON. Thanks.

    I found two apparent trackbacks in my “Comments”……two that I had tried earlier did not work……but I only pinged the post (ie. from MT…..and MT echoed back to me the trackback URL (
    Movable type , after a post with links in it, indicates that it is “Pinging Sites” and lists the usual weblogs and technorati sites that notify those services that a new post has been added……with the link to in my post, Movable Type also tells me that ” has also been pinged.
    I am finding several trackbacks in my moderated comments…..I have to approve them. anyway to make Trackbacks NOT moderated , but leave regular comments moderated? Also , my mail notification doesn’t seem to be working……I will look for the mail config….any “gotchas” there?

    I have just posted to my blog, and both trackbacked and pinged your latest post, yet I see nothing on your page.
    Can you send pings and trackbacks ?

    Yeah, it seems that comments moderation also blocks trackbacks……I had to turn them on……which led me then to try to find where I put my email info so that WP can send me notification….anybody know where I do this? I found the section on emailing posts in to get posted, but I want to set the info to sned me notification when comments and/or trackbacks happen, and I want to find out how to separately display trackbacks and comments…….
    Thanks everybody for helping……don’t stop now though…….I’m still workin’ at it

    My general Options page has an error at the bottom:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare add_magic_quotes() (previously declared in c:\myhost\myacct\wp\wp-admin\options-general.php:7) in c:\myhost\myacct\wp\wp-admin\options-general.php on line 120

    Any hints on why my discussion page is blank when I select Options/Discussion?

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