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  • bababbabababbaba BUMP.

    Please guys. It’s probably just a simple problem, and it’s causing so many of us so much hell. I do use nightlies so GO FOR IT 🙂


    Actually it’s not a simple problem — the database structure has changed (the post2cat table has been added; not sure what else) since this importer was created and it just plain don’t work.

    I got fed up and rewrote it. Mine is ugly as hell, but it WORKS… at least on my install. 🙂

    Caveats: I had only one author in both blogs. I cleaned out all the default categories and sample posts & comments in WP before importing. (In phpmyadmin, I emptied the following tables: wp_categories, wp_comments, wp_linkcategories, wp_links, wp_post2cat, wp_posts. If you have stuff already entered in WP, do back up before trying this.)

    My importer missed the very last post to TXP, but it handles posts, comments, categories, links, and link categories… so I didn’t mind copying the one post. 🙂

    If you’d like to try it, download Unzip, fill in db info for BOTH databases, upload, and fire away.

    Addendum: TXP has “root” categories for both posts and links (part of its hierarchy). You can delete these from WP after the import.

    Addendum #2: At the moment, this will import only the first category assigned to the TXP post.

    Sorry for the many afterthoughts; clearly those sql queries have swiss-cheesed my brain.

    Thanks very much for that. It works – that’s what matters!

    With the exception of some links categories being switched around (not a big deal), seems to have worked perfectly, from TXP RC1 to the WP 1.5 Gamma (Jan. 30 build).


    Excellent news! I haven’t tried anything past 1.2 yet.

    Dude! You saved me 😉


    link categories had to be reset & post categories were munged, but it got the posts & comments copied over, which was the important part. Thanks!

    Sorry to hear about the categories. I could use some examples besides my own site, if anyone wants to back up their old TXP database and send me the zip of the SQL dump. Email to steph at sillybean dot net if you’re so inclined.

    Has anyone addressed redirecting old TXP links to new WP ones.
    The script above works well for me butI try to keep around my TXP install in a different directory than my WP one — so any legacy links continue to work – but one problem is old RSS links will get the old, wrong, stale, RSS feed from Textpattern.

    If you update the top level index.php in the Textpattern tree with this code then it’ll redirect to WP. The 2 lines with Location:… have to change to refer to the URLs of your WP install.

    $atom = $_GET[ “atom�];
    if ( $atom == 1)
    header( “Location:“);
    exit( 0);
    $rss = $_GET[ “rss�];
    if ( $rss == 1)
    header( “Location:“);
    exit( 0);

    I wrote this up here:

    I have decided to switch my web design site from TXP to WP due to the many new features (not the least of which is Pages) that this latest incarnation of WP offers. I decided on TXP for that site over a year ago, so you can see the developmental paths that both programs have taken that leads me to this crossroads.

    I’ll be doing that this weekend using the above script. Wish me luck. And I’ll post back here once the dust settles.

    Sillybean, I’m trying your import script and it keeps dying with the message “Couldn’t get categories.” Any ideas?

    I should also add that the original textpattern import results in multiple SQL errors, but I appear to have all the database information correctly in place.


    In all seriousness, while I like WP over TXP, I have found the user community over there to be much more helpful and supportive. Are there not enough developers on this forum, or are there simply too many threads to keep up with?

    I’m 99.9% postive that I have the correct db info in the import-textpattern.php and import-textpattern2.php files. However, both result in errors (which happen to corrput part of the db). I’m running the latest version of WP and version 1.01rc1 of Textpattern.

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