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  • Plugin has fully broken now. Love to see an alternative to this if anyone knows of one. Can’t fine one that made such a clean and basic A-Z Index.

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  • What sort of problems are you having? It was working fine for me, but when I switched hosts, the index pages just came up as blank except for the Main title.

    FYI, it was very easy to fix for PHP 7 (which broke it for me).

    All I did was go to az-index-cache.php in the plugins folder and around line 956 I replaced
    `$pos1 = ereg(‘:alnum:‘, $in1[‘initial’]);
    $pos2 = ereg(‘:alnum:‘, $in2[‘initial’]);`
    `$pos1 = preg_match(‘/:alnum:/’, $in1[‘initial’]);
    $pos2 = preg_match(‘/:alnum:/’, $in2[‘initial’]);`

    mine broke moving to php7 as well,
    updated as mentioned above in az-index-cache.php at around line 956
    Thanks SeanMolin.

    change from

    $pos1 = ereg(‘:alnum:‘, $in1[‘initial’]);
    $pos2 = ereg(‘:alnum:‘, $in2[‘initial’]);


    $pos1 = preg_match('/:alnum:/', $in1['initial']);
    $pos2 = preg_match('/:alnum:/', $in2['initial']);

    the new code is not displaying with the surrounding double brackets around :alum:

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    Thank you SeanMolin, this worked for my site as well

    WOW! Thanks for this fix!!

    I did not even realize this plugin had finally stopped working on a client’s website. Yikes!

    I just found that it was popping lots of errors to the error_log (one reason I like to use the file monitor plugin to notice these changes – but I had that turned off because it was popping errors of its own).

    Anyhow. If there is any confusion regarding what the new code should look like… All you need to do is replace




    in each of those two lines noted in the posts above.

    Works like a charm 🙂

    Still, would like to find a currently supported pluging that can do the same as this one. Or, maybe some developer could take this one over and get it up to date??

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