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  • I’ve been looking for an alert/notifications plugin for a long time that works specifically for multi-site installations. When dealing with things like weather emergencies at school districts, we needed an option for school admins to quickly put up a notice and not require them to repeat it for every single school. This module does this well but does still need some work.

    For instance if you don’t use subdomains for the network sites, it doesn’t label them properly in the site options in the group or the behavior areas. I also suspect this may be why I can’t seem to add more than 1 site to a group even though I am clicking/highlighting them it only says 1 site is assigned.

    I also just noticed that going in to edit an existing alert brings me out of the network admin and into the first network site and all the other sites are unchecked from the behavior. I haven’t tested if this impacts the performance of the alert but I can see it being an issue if someone made a mistake and needed to edit the alert. I guess for the time being they could delete the alert and start fresh.

    But overall really excited about this, we need more multisite plugin support.

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