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    The file-based caching creates HTML files and stores them in the /wp-content/cache/sgo-cache folder.

    However in the plugin description and on the caching settings page it says “The files are stored in the browser memory.”

    And also on the SG website: “Our plugin will create a static HTML version of your website and store it in the browser memory, considerably boosting your load speed.” – https://www.siteground.com/tutorials/wordpress/sg-optimizer/supercacher/#File-based_Caching

    Can this please be corrected so that it explains how the file-based caching actually works.


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  • Plugin Support Georgi Ganchev


    Hello @corytrevor

    I believe there is a misunderstanding about how file-based caching works. File-Based cache caches the website and stores every page as an html document. Cache is generated upon hitting a specific page and a file is stored in the wp-content/cache/sgo-cache folder.

    Once available the HMTL is cached in the browser memory upon visiting the website and until the TTL is over. If there is a change on the website or a cache purge request is triggered, the files are removed and generated upon the next page visit.

    The following article explains how the browser caching works https://www.section.io/engineering-education/understanding-browser-caching/

    Best regards,
    Georgi Ganchev
    Technical Support

    Thread Starter corytrevor


    Hi Georgi

    Thanks for getting back to me. I understand how browser caching works, but the file-based caching doesn’t affect browser caching at all as it doesn’t add cache-control, expires, last-modified or etag response headers to the HTML files that it serves.


    Plugin Support Pavel Dosev


    Hello @corytrevor,

    Thank you for your feedback, we will pass it to our team responsible for the documentation. I just want to elaborate more about our documentation and why it is written that way.

    I want to start by confirming that you are right. The plugin is not saving the page in the browser cache but on the server, in the wp-content/cache folder.

    The documentation we wrote in the plugin and on the Siteground website is not meant to be technical documentation, though. Instead, its purpose is to briefly describe the plugin’s functionality and features in an easily understandable manner.

    We aim for our descriptions to be less technical and more easily understandable by everyone. The goal is for more people to see and more easily understand the benefit of each feature and what improvement it brings to their website.

    Thread Starter corytrevor


    Hi Pavel

    Thanks for the explanation, I can understand wanting to keep things simple and easy to understand for the documentation. Fortunately, in this case it should be possible to do that whilst also keeping it accurate.

    The files are stored in the browser memory.
    The files are stored in a cache directory on the hard drive.

    Our plugin will create a static HTML version of your website and store it in the browser memory, considerably boosting your load speed.
    This option creates a static HTML version of each page that can be served directly to visitors, considerably boosting page load speed.


    Hi @pdosev,

    We second the change request by @corytrevor.

    Also, it would be great for SiteGround to provide online troubleshooting instructions for its entire plugin.

    It would save us the hassle of submitting tickets all the time or creating topics in this forum. It would also save you countless support man-hours as well.

    Most reputable cache plugins, like Perfmatters and WP-Rocket, provide online troubleshooting instructions for their plugins. Unfortunately, SiteGround does not.

    Thank you!

    Another vote to change this. Implying that the SG cache is explicitly storing HTML files in browser memory somehow is confusing, and sent me down quite a time-wasting rabbit-hole!

    Thread Starter corytrevor


    I noticed this thread has even been marked as “Resolved” even though nothing has been done about it. It’s quite ridiculous that no one from SiteGround can be bothered spending a couple of minutes to update documentation that is blatantly inaccurate and misleading.

    Hey @corytrevor,

    You can always change the status of your topic to “Not Resolved”, as applicable. The option is located on the topic sidebar.


    Thread Starter corytrevor


    Thanks @generosus, I didn’t realise that was an option. I’ve updated it now to ‘not resolved’.


    Plugin Support Dimitar Petrov


    Hey, thank you for your input. We have discussed the topic with our developers and decided that we will update our knowledge base in regards to the File-Based caching feature. For the time being we cannot provide an ETA.

    Once again, thank you for your feedback, we highly appreciate it.

    Dimitar Petrov

    Thread Starter corytrevor


    Hi Dimitar

    Thanks for the update. That’s great that you’ve decided to update the knowledge base. I look forward to seeing it soon.


    Thread Starter corytrevor


    Hi @demiro

    Thanks for updating the knowledge base, it’s great to see that for the File-based Caching it now says “Our plugin will create a static HTML version of your website and store it in the WordPress cache directory.”

    In the plugin itself under SG Optimizer > Caching, under the File-Based Caching setting it still says “The files are stored in the browser memory.”
    It would be great if that could also be fixed up.

    Also in the plugin description here – https://wordpress.org/plugins/sg-cachepress/#description-header under File-Based caching it still says “The files are stored in the browser memory.”


    Plugin Support daniellaivanova


    Hello @corytrevor,

    We will soon update the information in the SG Optimizer plugin and the plugin description as well in order to match the description in our knowledge base. While I cannot provide an exact ETA for when it would happen, I can assure you that our developers are aware and will apply the necessary changes when possible.

    Best regards,
    Daniela Ivanova

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