• I love the idea of this plugin, despite finding it by accident while looking for a solution to a different problem. I would love to use it as a complete SEO solution for one of my client’s sites. But, in order to migrate away from the bloated, overly featured SEO plugin already there, it will take a lot of work, since there are around 450 pages to change. Is there any way to use MTM to automatically generate the OG and Twitter image data by taking image dimensions and alt text from the featured image for each page?



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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    Our pro add-on offers placeholders, so you can create a specific tag for your post type(s) and include data such as title etc.

    However, I don’t believe we have image data placeholders. I’ve marked this down for a future update!

    I will note thought that we have filters that make adding custom placeholders possible, so in theory this could be done with a little coding.

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