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    Good morning,

    It may sound stupid, but I did not figure out how to use the “Featured Image” at the top of the page?
    Could someone explain this to me?

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  • Hi, is the problem how to set up a featured image (that is, the image at the top of the page) for a post? If this is so, then the steps to take are quite simple:

    1) Go to the posts section of the admin panel and open the post for edit, or create a new post, where you want to set up a featured image;

    2) Look to the bottom right of the page and find the Set Featured Image section. Click the button and upload your image (or select it from the media library if the image has already been uploaded);

    3) I also advise to fill out the alt, title and description information that WP displays after you’ve uploaded your image. Save everything and you’re done. The image will appear at the top or in a prominent place, according to the theme’s styles.

    I hope this helps.


    Thank you for your answer. However the problem is not this one. As you can see on Point theme, there is a slideshow at the top of the page (well, it’s not a slideshow, but a big image is displayed). I do not know how to display an image here.

    After having had a look at your theme’s features, I think you enable that big image by going to your theme’s General Settings. There, find the Home Page Featured Section and check the checkmark. This option enables a featured section where 4 recent posts featured images will be displayed from the category that you select in the section below this one. The latest among these post photos will be the big photo you refer to in your message. Afterwards, go to the next section, called Featured Category. Here you select the category from which the featured section will pick the 4 recent post images.

    This is what I understand on the basis of what’s here on the repository about your theme. I haven’t installed it, therefore I haven’t tried the functionality myself. But you try setting up a category and checking the relevant checkmarks, and see if everything works.

    All right then, I’ll have to wait to write 4 posts and I’ll get to you to tell you if it works!

    Thanks a lot

    & it works! Problem solved!

    Thanks a lot!

    Great, keep me posted.

    Hi Dailysoccer,

    How have you been doing with your theme?

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