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  • Love the plugin so far.

    It would be great if it remembered the name of the file I was last editing and defaulted to that when I select it in the menu.

    It would also be nice if I could use it entirely for my plugin development. So, for example, add an option to “Create New Plugin” that will let you designate a folder and all the header fields for a new plugin. It will then create the folder and create a blank plugin file for editing.

    Also, the ability to create new blank files and new folders would make the process of developing plugins much easier.

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  • It would also be nice to see a screen shot of each available skin on your web site.

    The ability to activate/deactivate the plugin you’re working on would also be helpful.

    As well as a refresh button to rescan the folder through an AJAX call.

    Plugin Author benjaminprojas



    Thanks for the requests!

    I can definitely see adding in the refresh for the plugin, using an AJAX call as well as activating/deactivating a plugin, I will try to add that in the next release.

    The purpose of this editor is mostly to update what is currently available in the plugin/theme editor. I don’t necessarily foresee it becoming much more in depth regarding plugin development. I can definitely check into the possibility of adding/creating a plugin through the interface, but am not sure if it will be something that gets added in soon.

    Thanks for the fast response.

    Basically, the idea for creating a skeleton plugin is to hit a button “create plugin” which takes you to a form that asks for the basic plugin info… plugin name, author name, url, etc… When you submit the form, it creates the specified sub-folder and creates a your-plugin.php file with the header info pre-filled in. Real simple.

    However, I’d be happy to just have an option for “create folder” and “create empty file” buttons. I can do the rest.

    Other than that it’s a great plugin. You’re on my list for a donation next payday. I’ve already found it extremely useful.

    any chance you’ll add find and replace?

    Meant to say, find/replace to the post/page editor

    Plugin Author benjaminprojas



    I am hoping to add this in in the next release, but have not been able to begin development on it as of yet.

    I really would like the ability for it to remember what I was working on last and go back to it, or create a “favorites” bar. I’ve got a couple dozen plugins on one site and I have to scroll down the list and search for the one I work on the most.

    Also, a “create empty file” would REALLY make life easier.

    This is great! Exactly what I was looking for!

    I’d like to add a request to have the “Add Media” button available in the full screen post/page editor.


    I would add a create new file button. Excellent plugin Benjamin.

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