• This plug in is faulty and causes widespread damage for a small business that is very costly. Once an order is split it creates a new sale which results in a false income duplication. This requires hours of work on the accounting end to fix. Your product does not perform as described and has caused side issues not disclosed. You hide behind your “No bugs” reported and you won’t fix the problem.

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  • Plugin Author Fahad Mahmood


    See, you are not understanding the convenience of original order at your disposal. Every new user should be able to compare the split orders with the original order and then decide if he really wants to delete the original one. And above all, this plugin requires your manual input, whatever you do is in your control. You select, decide and then split. WooCommerce users understand the order statuses too, if we mark any order status as on-hold or pending payment so those orders will not be included in revenue/sales. You are somehow misunderstanding the functionality of the plugin. It is the lighter version of “Order Splitter for WooCommerce” plugin in which you can use the predefined rules for auto split and original order removal. I hope you will come up with a suggestion instead of considering this feature as a fault. This plugin is not removing the original order without the consent of the user/administrator, it is not a fault but a feature to be on the safe side.

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