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  • I have gotten around to creating a WordPress Plugin that dynamically changes the tooltips that are created by browsers. Basically, FancyTooltips replaces those boring little boxes that appear next to your mouse with a dynamic and impressive one.

    You can download FancyTooltips and receive more information about it from the entry on my blog.

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  • this looks sweet! nice job…
    I am gathering stuff for my website re-design, this is just added to my essential list… 😀

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Similar to Dunstan’s work ?

    I use that, but had to alter the CSS as it used moz properties which rendered it invalid ….. if you could crack that, it would be very neat 🙂

    Can’t see any tool tips in safari.

    os x

    @podz – Yes, it is based on this script. Much of the code is similar. I have done numerous tweaks, however, to improve upon it. One in particular is the support of extra tags and how the tooltips display.

    @dss – If I am correct, Safari doesn’t currently have support for the FancyTooltips. I don’t think it renders the Javascript correctly.

    I installed this plugin last night. Two words to describe it:

    I had previously installed Nicer Titles, and while it worked, it took some time for this not-code-savvy-moose to figure it all out. Plus I had all that ugly JS in my index.php page.

    This plugin is drop-dead simple to install, and to use! Well done!

    I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying it. I’m very pleased with the response (so far). Hopefully, once a full verison is released, I’ll get three wow’s out of you! 😀

    This is a great plugin!

    I’m glad you are enjoying it!

    Well I have installed the plug in and activated but where do I see it in action?

    The plugin is well documented and there is a demonstration of it as well.

    In order for you to see it in action, your links would have to have the title and / or alt attributes as well. Hover on my links in the sidebar and you’ll see:

    Thanks NMoose, seeing it in action speaks volumes, I did not see the documentation on victr’ blog. The links on my 1.5 have not been touched/edited meaning they are what came with the 1.5 dl so they did not work, I will add the title or alt attribute so i can utilize, works sweet on you page BTW

    Yeah, I like how easy it was to set up and get running. Getting it to work so easy is what we moose need…we aren’t the smartest creatures on the planet! 😛


    Here’s your third WOW! 😀


    @dawg: Just to clear something up. The title attribute needs to be entered into the supported tags (e.g. links, acronyms, ect.). The only exception is the imgtag which requires you to use the alt attribute.

    I’ve downloaded it and installed it (very easy) and like it a lot. Only, I would like it to do the same as my own css and probably haven’t read the ReadMe close enough. Or maybe my English is failing me 😉
    I’ll check it out at the weekend.
    Thanks for the nice job anyway.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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