• Usually don’t leave many reviews, but just had to share so no one else wastes their time. Installing the app and setting up is very easy to do. But that’s all.

    First off it is free only for 7 days, that should be listed somewhere that it is not a free plugin or it shouldn’t be listed on the .org. After seeing that it’s not free still decided to test it out.

    Secondly it is simple enough to import a product … just find a product, copy the link, paste it and it is better than some others that it pulls in info, adds the price and has a button. So 1 star for that … at least was able to import one product.

    On the second day of trying to import products every link has an error message “Product could not be added. Please check if it is valid Amazon product page.” That’s every single product tested.

    Seems they don’t respond to the support forum for the app on WordPress. So won’t waste time there.

    I think the worst for this is that on other platforms their plug works and they offer support. To bad they don’t do the same here. Hopefully at some point they will either realize that there is a support forum here or the plugin will be removed.

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