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  • shinchaya


    The alert “X Failed to initialize plugin: nep_native_emoji” is displayed in the category and media of admin screen.

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  • ftpwp


    In which context do you have this error message?

    Because I also have the same error message (Failed to initialize plugin: nep_native_emoji) with Asgaros forums as soon as we open a forum (not yet a topic, not yet the editor) 🙁
    The message is displayed on the left side of the screen, it stays when we open the topic and when we open the editor the emoji button is not displayed :-/

    @davabuu any idea?
    Any fix?

    Thanks! 🙂



    I have the message: “Failed to initialize plugin: et_quicktags”
    Do you have any idea what should I do?



    I too am getting the message: “Failed to initialize plugin: et_quicktags”



    Hi, me too. Same error since last update of WordPress

    I put Plugins installed to try found common points

    Contact Form 7
    Estadísticas de WP
    GDPR Cookie Consent
    Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)
    Importador RSS
    Insertar encabezados y pies de página
    Magic Action Box
    MailChimp for WordPress
    Monarch Plugin
    Really Simple CAPTCHA
    Yoast SEO
    Akismet Anti-Spam




    Any have an idea? Thx



    For me this seems to be since last update guttenburg maybe responsible. I am using DIVI template. What are you using?

    @landed I am also using the DIVI template, I am getting this error from yesterday. Please let me know if anyone found a solution for this issue!!

    I have the same error message failed to initialize plugin et_quicktags and I cannot see images in my website and some pages dont look the same, can someone urgently help??

    Hi – I found this thread as I had the same problem.

    The problem for me came about because i updated the wordpress core – but didn’t update the DIVI theme. You need to update your DIVI theme as they have updated it to work with the latest version of wordpress.

    So update DIVI! 🙂


    Thanks I suspected it could be that. It’s a client site I am doing SEO with and asked him if we can get DIVI updated.

    Thank you!!! would you know where can I find DIVI latest update? thanks!

    Solution to the problem!
    —I have the message: “Failed to initialize plugin: et_quicktags”—

    After the update, the editor has also been updated.
    You need:
    – In the plugin store, find tinyMCE Advanced
    – Install it and activate
    – In the plugin settings, find the item:
    “Replace the Block Editor with the Classic Editor”
    and turn it on
    – Done

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    Thank you sanyo4ik. That worked perfectly. I can stop stressing!!

    Thanks, sanyo4ik. That fixed my problem as well!



    Thanks Sanyo4ik. Big issue resolved for me.

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