• This plugin is pure malware.
    It collects your information (website + email address) and creates an account at 40nuggets.com without consent or any prior info.

    This is an illegal practice and should be reported to the authorities.

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  • Hi in4fun –

    I’m the CEO of 40Nuggets. Thank you for your comment, and I want to respond because you raise an important point overall that we took very seriously as per below.

    First though, we’re not “pure malware.” We’re a startup company of 10 people building software to help small business be successful in engaging their web traffic. Our clients are all over the world, serving millions, providing jobs, and we’re trying to help them succeed.

    We’re also nice people, who care very much about community, being helpful, and good actors in every ecosystem. This comment hit us hard, because it presupposed we have bad intentions; we do not. Every single staff member spends time volunteering for community organizations, is active in charitable causes, and goes above and beyond to provide quality software and service every day at work. In no way would we deliberately be involved in violating community practices at WP. We built our plugin to enable access to our service to the WP community.

    I’m thankful for your comment, because it made us aware that we weren’t knowledgeable about all the best practices on how to handle WP sign-ups. We apologize for this oversight. Our goal was to make the system really easy, and as you point out, our account creation system is based on email addresses.

    Thanks to your comment, which we noticed a few days ago and immediately moved on, we fixed our plugin so that there is no such thing as opening an automatic account. Now anyone who installs our plugin goes through another sign-up, on WP, where they opt-into opening an account at 40Nuggets.com. We also went through all the other plugin guidelines and hope we’re fully compliant. Our dev team is reviewing this on a regular basis to make sure this is the case going forward.

    If you’re willing to accept that we’re not malware, we’d appreciate your taking a look at our plugin and making sure that it meets your standards. We truly want to be good participants in this community and thank you for helping us improve to fit the standards.

    Thank you again for taking the time to bring this to our attention.

    If you ever like, you can reach me at aharon-at-40Nuggets.com.

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