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    Hey bud, I just want to say firstly that yesterday I tried your Clearify plugin(free) and boy is it impressive, very very nice work!

    Ive been searching for a solution like your asset manager to be able to manage my scripts but in a very very specific way.
    First, I am trying to reduce DNS lookups that plugins are making on my home page so i can get that highly desired 100% yslow. (need to serve content on 4 domainns or less)
    ive manuually added fontawesome, google maps +analytics etc and enqued those via my child themes functions file now the plugins using those scripts dont make an external call for content, YAY.

    but i have some much more difficult plugins that are doing this to my site:

    The components are split over more than 4 domains

    http://www.mydomain.com: 7 components, 552.8K (66.8K GZip)
    cdn.mydomain.com: 167 components, 4534.8K (822.2K GZip)
    s7.addthis.com: 3 components, 695.4K (214.6K GZip)
    http://www.google.com: 5 components, 46.2K (17.9K GZip)
    http://www.gstatic.com: 3 components, 405.7K (182.1K GZip)
    connect.facebook.net: 1 component, 199.0K (60.6K GZip)
    apps.facebook.com: 1 component, 1.5K (0.2K GZip)
    m.addthisedge.com: 1 component, 0.9K (0.3K GZip)
    m.addthis.com: 1 component, 0.1K
    staticxx.facebook.com: 2 components, 78.8K
    http://www.facebook.com: 1 component, 0.0K

    can your plugin dequeue those (s7.addthis.com etc) ,
    and then re-enqeue the ones i download to self host?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi, @philmay!

    Unfortunately our plugin can’t dequeue scripts which are added dynamically. What it can do is dequeueing script added via WP hooks. If those plugins of your added those script via hooks, then you should be able to dequeue them via Assets Manager.

    Have you actually tried it? Do these script show up in Assets manager?


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