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  • I am aware of the fact that I cannot place advertisements on my blog. So I would like to host it myself. I have searched the FAQ and Forum on for hours and I cannot find an answer to my question, which is the following:

    Can I move my WordPress blog to another server and keep the layout, articles and comments? I have researched, but I have not found the answer.

    I love my account and its layout, but I would like to place some small advertisements and make a web shop. Can someone please tell me the best, easiest and cheapest way to do this?


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  • You can move the content of your blog from to a hosted, own WP blog.
    The layout… well, it depends: some themes are free to use for everybody, some are available only on (that was my impression). However, there are more than 1,000 freely available themes.

    There are many “cheap” hosts – and you usually get what you pay for. You need to shop around, buy/register a domain, get a hosting service, then export/import your old blog.

    Good luck!

    Well, it is my luck that I use the rounded theme. This theme does not seem to be available to ‘transfer’. Or is it? I love the theme, and my ‘guests’ are used to it. So I do not want to change it. Is it there?

    [edit] Perhaps one of these?

    I should point out, or clarify, that if you leave WordPress.COM to run your own blog using the software from WordPress.ORG you aren’t transferring a theme.

    You will transfer your data. Your posts/pages/categories/links. It’ll be up to you, as a new webmaster to install WP and add the themes and plugins that you desire.

    Thank you so much for commenting. I found two themes that look a lot like the rounded theme I use now! So I can download those and use on my (eventually) new site?

    I love WordPress, so I do not want to leave it when I leave. You know?

    Yep, you can use those themes on your own install of WP.

    And yep, I know. 🙂

    You have made me a very happy woman! *kiss* Now I just hope it all goes fine when I transfer. Any tips?

    Tips? Hmm… not really. The migration shouldn’t be all that complicated.

    Get yourself installed and setup on a host with your own WordPress. (read some of this)

    Visit your old WordPress.COM blog, go to Manage -> Export and click “Download Export File.”

    Visit your new blog. Go to Manage -> Import, click WordPress and feed it that export file.

    Toast your success with the drink of your choice. 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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