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  • Since I don’t know PHP very well yet, I’m thinking switching blogware.
    How can I export my posts from WordPress into a text file of some sort?
    Thanks in advance.

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  • who said u need to know php to use WP?

    There is WP backup script that makes a SQL dump with all your entries in there or you can do it by hand. Also check forums/features of the new blogging tool you are looking at … may be they have a WP import, although unlikely.

    Which tool were you thinking of switching to? I can’t think of any that wouldn’t be a step backwards from WordPress, except possibly Textpattern and thats still only in gamma.

    Movable Type – since I know it so well.
    It’s just that I want to add things to my blog, and I can’t figure out how to add them, whereas with MT I knew exactly what to do.
    The only thing I can figure out if the style switcher.
    I’m just overwhelmed, I guess and think that if I go back to MT, that I can blog and not worry about PHP errors and the such.
    I even got one when trying to backup.
    Fatal error: Failed opening required ‘brvars.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /wp-admin/backupRestore.php on line 133

    Well, I fixed the backup – but I don’t think it will do me much good importing into MT.

    I am sorry I am so late to this conversation, but what are the problems you are having?
    I refuse to believe that you are able to “go back to MT, that I can blog and not worry about PHP errors and the such.”
    MT is a Perl monstrosity, and having tried to use it in the past I can’t believe that you would find it easier to add and/or hack than WP.
    Have you given the community a chance to help you with your problems?

    I think u shld give the guy a chance. MT’s tags are lot s lots more easier to understand. And at times… playing around with WP… has given me a fairly big headache…. The tags just arn’t as easy to use and understand. (partly due to documentation… which i’ll say is no fault of WP’s. it’s just well.. I don’t know)
    As far as I know… there’s no export tool as yet….. and I don’t think there’s a IMPORT for sure.
    However.. i sure would like an export tool… having a softcopy of all my entries will feel good… instead of just a sql backup. if u know what I mean.

    I too agree that an export would be a good backup tool in addition to the sql backup. Sandman…if you can manage enough of the WP templates then you can create one that will put the WP entries into the import format for MT. The MT website has docs on the import format. Then from your browser, save the page, or in IE, view the source and save it out to your hard drive.
    Maybe we should be realistic and accept that sometimes people will want a plaintext backup, need to move their blogs to another server or even revert to an older tool which for whatever reason they found easier to use.

    What a great script! I’m having a slight problem with it using the latest version of WordPress. It will only spit out one entry and on further investigation seems to choke on the $prev_entry variable. Any hints on how to fix it?
    Posted by: Tracey at April 6, 2004 12:43 AM
    From the page of the backup script for the b2. erm. oh no?? haha

    You would need to change every occurence of ‘b2’ in the code to ‘wp_’ to reflect the new table names, but I guess you already did that. I’ll take a look and see what I can come up with.

    I appreciate the advice, and it’s been very helpful.
    It’s not that I am enamored by MT, it’s just that I am intimidated by WordPress and the PHP.
    I do not understand PHP or MySQL – but can follow directions enough to get a blog up and running – which I did.
    I just don’t know how to handle SQL Dumps, PHP errors, and the like.
    I’m a newbie, and it sucks. Going back to MT would save me quite a few headaches, as I used it for almost 3 years.
    I love WordPress, but I’m not sure I need to be putting all of my blogging into a system I don’t understand. I’ve already lost everything once since I started with WP.
    Thanks again.

    Going back to MT from WP? I just moved *from* MT to WP! I don’t understand Perl scripts. Hell, even experienced Perl programmers don’t understand them within 6 months of writing them. I find PHP easier to read and understand. There are lots of books out there on PHP, and it is an ideal language for working with mySQL databases.
    If backups are your problem and you don’t want to write straight SQL scripts in order to get your data out, take a look at myPhpAdmin. It makes dealing with databases a *lot* easier. I just exported my entire WP database within a minute of realizing I should probably do it some time.
    But of course, blogs are personal, so our choice of blog software will be too. So by all means choose what feels right to you.
    Before landing on WP, I tried postNuke, Zope+Plone, coreblog, NewsBruizer, greymatter, MT, TextPattern, squishdot, Python Desktop Server.

    I’d like to see a export entries option as well in WP.
    Not that I plan on dumping WP, but for a couple of reasons…
    One, the ability to start fresh with a clean install of WP and reimport only the entries…
    Two, backup. Sure I can backup my MySQL db, but having a quick backup of all my entries in a text file that is a universal would aid in the long future of my content…
    Maybe the RSS import option would do what is needed, just export all the entries to an .xml file and use the RSS import to bring them back in? Would this be robust enough??? And does anyone have templates for the RSS export of all entries with comments and all meta data?



    I’ve been looking for some kind of export script as well. Back in the days when I used MT, the export into a text file was very convenient. It save the entries, comments, and all of the information — hence, moving to WordPress was a breeze. I hope something will be created in the near future.

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