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  • Hi there…

    I have moved a site from one host to another…

    The image files sadly contains danish letters æøå – and somehow this has caused those images with those letters not to show (to break) …

    When I copy the link from the actual image it looks like this:

    Where it orginally looked like this:

    There is hundreds of images so manually fixing it will be impossible…

    is it somehow possible to make your plugin do it’s thing on all the allready existing media files? 🙂

    Thank you so much in advance…

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  • Plugin Contributor Gesen



    Well that sucks. Some hosts seem to have a problem with Danish/Swedish/others special characters.

    Unfortunately, this plugin does not work on existing media files. I would recommend you get in touch with your host to explain your problem. Maybe they know about this and can help you out.

    Yeah it really sucks ….

    The host can’t help me out … I need to convert the special letters in the filenames into normal characters…

    I really hoped your plugin could help … 🙂

    The horror of having to try and replace 3000 images …

    Hi Gesen,

    thank you for your plugin, it works like a charm!

    I stumbled upon a problem with Safari browser not supporting URLS containing diacritics.

    I had just a dozen image files names containing accented letters like àéì on a WordPress site of mine. It appeared to me that deleting and re-uploading the images was fastest way to solve my problem.

    Your plugin now is preventing future problems with file names on that site, but now I wondered: “what if I had 1000s already-uploaded images to rename?”

    I didn’t found yet any WordPress plugin sanitizing media files names which were already uploaded on the server.

    If you’ll ever consider adding such feature to your plugin, I know it would be a huge work to do on your part, but It would be literally of massive help to many users.

    For the moment, thank you for your plugin and keep up with your great work!

    Plugin Contributor Gesen


    Thanks for the love, @rdelia!

    Such a feature would be great and I’ve wished the plugin had that feature a couple of times. On the other hand, it’s a bit complicated and would require a lot of work. But hey, nothing is impossible so when I find the time I will start digging into this.

    Agree with @rdelia!

    I’m also want to remove accents from my all media files uploaded, so let’s go Gesen, it would be great!!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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