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  • Hi!

    I’m currently using the latest version of WP, and the Mantra Theme.

    (My site ->

    I seem to be having issues with excess margin/padding on my theme, and haven’t a clue how to remove it. When uploading a background image, the right side of the image seems to “crinkle” and looks absolutely hideous.

    When I change the background color of theme (via Mantra’s theme settings), I can see a substantial amount of space on the right side of the screen, which appears to be an issue with excess margin or padding (not sure which, if either).

    I’ve performed at least a dozen searches, and haven’t been able to find a solution to the problem, let alone someone with the same issue. I should also mention I’m using a widescreen 1980-1080 resolution, however the problem persist even with a different resolution. Expanding the background image only worsens the “crinkling” and shrinking it just looks plain silly.

    Any help would be immensely appreciated! Thank you.

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  • Just to note, adjusting the background color of the site seems to help with the odd margin/padding, (rendering it invisible by giving it the same exact color as the image) – but this still leaves me unable to customize my background image further, only being able to have graphics or additional imagery on the left side.

    Not quite sure what the turn around is for support here (I’ve seen a dozen new topics answered within the last hour or so), but mine has gone untouched. This isn’t a complaint, merely an observation and a request that if my help request isn’t informative enough, then a response asking for more information would be greatly appreciated.

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