• This plugin gives the best 404 error log that I could find from WordPress plugins. The only concern is that the author has not updated it for 1 year. However, so far I have not seen any issues with it.

    The major advantages here are:
    1. Concatenates 404s by URL. This means that each 404 link takes up only 1 line and I can clearly see how often it comes up.

    2. Excluded paths. Other 404 plugins are dominated by various paths from crawlers that want to compromise my site (eg. to /plugins folder). I do not need to deal with these as 404 errors. With this plugin they do not clutter the picture.

    3. It displays actual and redirected 404 errors for pages (I did not test posts). I find a major benefit with this approach because it lets me see all internal and external linking issues on my site without the mask of the redirection patch. I can now fix each one directly without the need to look for them.

    4. Simple

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