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    The theme works, ok. But i receive the following errors wehen Debugging mode is on (Front Page)

    Notice: Use of undefined constant lj_pnote_admin - assumed 'lj_pnote_admin' in /var/www/.../wp-content/plugins/blue-admin/inc/inc.php on line 95
    Notice: get_settings is deprecated since version 2.1! Use get_option() instead. in /var/www/.../wp-includes/functions.php on line 2839
    Notice: Use of undefined constant lj_adminbar_menus - assumed 'lj_adminbar_menus' in /var/www/.../wp-content/plugins/blue-admin/inc/inc.php on line 208
    Notice: Use of undefined constant lj_custom_adminbar_menus - assumed 'lj_custom_adminbar_menus' in /var/www/.../wp-content/plugins/blue-admin/inc/inc.php on line 218
    Notice: Undefined index: blue_admin_adminbar_enable in /var/www/.../wp-content/plugins/blue-admin/inc/settings.php on line 10
    Notice: Undefined index: blue_admin_adminbar_disable in /var/www/.../wp-content/plugins/blue-admin/inc/settings.php on line 11
    Notice: Use of undefined constant lj_plugin_actions - assumed 'lj_plugin_actions' in /var/www/.../wp-content/plugins/blue-admin/index.php on line 29

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  • I think it’s safe to ignore theese errors but here is how to fix:
    For “Use of undefined constant error” we should add ‘ symbols
    For Inc.php file:
    1) Change line 95 of inc.php to if (!function_exists('lj_pnote_admin'))
    2) Replace all get_settings with get_option
    3) Line 208 if(!function_exists('lj_adminbar_menus'))
    4) Line 218 if(!function_exists('lj_custom_adminbar_menus'))

    For settings.php
    1) Change lines 10-11 to

    if ( isset($_POST[$value['id'].'_enable'])){ update_option( $value['id'], '1'); lj_redirect('','saved=true');}
    			else if ( isset($_POST[$value['id'].'_disable'])){ update_option( $value['id'], ''); lj_redirect('','saved=true');}

    For index.php
    1) Change line 29 to if(!function_exists('lj_plugin_actions'))

    Any chance of getting this fixed in the next version?

    Plugin Author Linesh Jose


    Hey folks,
    sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix all these errors in the next version of BlueAdmin. We just waiting for the new version of WP(3.6). Thanks for your support 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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