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  • Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Hi there,

    Most likely what is happening is you have A LOT of users and your web host doesn’t have a lot of resources for running a large export like this.

    Would you mind providing me with your system info? You can provide that with a temporary URL using another free plugin I maintain called “Send System Info”. Install that and create URL and provide that here and I might have more insight for you.


    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your quick response. We only have around 70-80 users, not sure if that’s considered ‘a lot’?

    Here is the temporary URL

    Many thanks,

    Hi Matt,

    Any help with this would be very much appreciated.


    Hi Matt,

    I just tried this out on Safari instead of Chrome and it works. But unfortunately the downloaded data is incomplete. It only downloads 5-10 users when we now have around 120.



    Hi Matt,

    I’d appreciate any updates you have on this. The temporary URL is no longer working so let me know when you need it again and I’ll generate another one.

    Many thanks,

    I have the same problem. Firefox works, Chrome does not. I believe it is an error in the data being exported possible a blank field. I haven’t had time to isolate it.

    However xdebug reports the following (it writes it the export file so is a bit messed up)
    xdebug-error xe-catchable-fatal-error
    Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in wp-content\plugins\export-users-to-csv\export-users-to-csv.php on line 241
    Call Stack
    {main}( ) wp-admin\export.php’ …\export.php
    export_wp( ) wp-admin\export.php’ : 114
    do_action( ) wp-admin\includes\export.php’ : 71
    WP_Hook->do_action( ) wp-includes\plugin.php’ : 453
    WP_Hook->apply_filters( ) wp-includes\class-wp-hook.php’ : 310
    PP_EU_Export_Users->generate_csv( ) : 286
    ( ) wp-content\plugins\export-users-to-csv\export-users-to-csv.php : 241

    Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    @roya2018 — apologies for the delay, yes, please generate a new URL for me and I’ll take a closer look.

    @rpclarke41 — thanks for the error output. That line does seem to suggest that something is wrong with the data being passed as you suggested. Can you also use the Send System Info plugin to create a URL so I can see what you’re working with on that site? I’m most interested in how you might be editing or updating user information via other plugins.


    I have done some further checking on this.

    We are using UltimateMember Ver 1 (still trying to fix the issues caused by moving to ver 2) to manage users, no other opportunity exists to make changes to a user entry.

    The entry in question is the first one added and is an old admin account. I believe an early version of the site was built on and then transferred to where it is now.

    There is an entry in usermeta for this user with a key wpcom_user_data which as far as I can see relates to this earlier incarnation, possibly logon data – a google search talks about jetpack.

    The sanitized data value is

    When loaded into WordPress this creates a class which ends up in $value with $value having a a type of stdClass. This is what kills the code.

    Adding code something like this will fix it

    $value = is_array( $value ) ? serialize( $value ) : $value;
    if (gettype($value) == ‘object’ && get_class($value) == ‘stdClass’) {
    $value = ‘#error#’;
    $data[] = ‘”‘ . str_replace( ‘”‘, ‘””‘, $value ) . ‘”‘;

    Maybe not the most elegant but it does stop the error.

    It works! Thanks for your help Matt.


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