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  • Hi,
    When I login at the backend of my site, below is the error msg I see on top:

    “Error : Please fix your theme to make plugins work correctly: Go to the Theme Editor and insert <?php wp_head(); ?> just before the </head> line of your theme’s header.php file.”

    But when I try to make changes as said above, I don’t see the </head> to where I have to make changes or anything.

    My Site:

    I am not sure if one of the plugin that I downloaded causing this or why this message pop up and if this going to harm my site in any way.

    Please Help!!

    Thank You

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  • Hi Nik,

    I guess a plugin you installed is looking for wp_head() the wrong way. It would not pass the theme review if such an elementary part is lacking. As you can see in header-head.php in the subfolder template-parts, wp_head() exists in Penguin.

    I suggest you find out which plugin it is and report it to the developer of the plugin as well. The best way to find that out is deactivate all plugins and activate one by one until the error appears.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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