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    When I try to access our site, I am getting the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in /home/crystalk/public_html/ on line 177

    Website =

    I tried to (as recommended elsewhere) delete the theme folder expecting the site to revert back to the default theme, but that didn’t seem to work. I only faced a page from our hosting provider instead. Do, I again downloaded the theme and placed the files in places and notice the same error again.
    Please look into it, thanks!

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  • This theme is broken. Terrible for casual users who don’t know how to remove it (via ftp as stated above)
    I am disappointed that it was somehow approved by WordPress for download.
    Since WordPress won’t revert to default theme, simply install or activate a theme manually.

    And on themecheck, it appears to have critical errors and missing style sheets:

    Optional files : Presence of rtl stylesheet rtl.css

    This theme does not contain optional file rtl.php.

    Optional files : Presence of home template file home.php

    This theme does not contain optional file home.php.

    Optional files : Presence of term template file taxonomy.php

    This theme does not contain optional file taxonomy.php.

    Optional files : Presence of date/time template file date.php

    This theme does not contain optional file date.php.

    Optional files : Presence of attachment template file attachment.php

    This theme does not contain optional file attachment.php.

    Critical alerts
    Security breaches : Use of variable functions

    Found $format in file post.php.

    Line 10: $this->$format();

    Found $template in file page.php.
    Line 11: $this->$template();

    Found $header in file entries.php.
    Line 6: $this->$header();
    Custom elements : Presence of custom header

    No reference to custom header was found in the theme.

    Editor style : Presence of editor style

    No reference to add_editor_style() was found in the theme. It is recommended that the theme implements editor styling, so as to make the editor content match the resulting post output in the theme, for a better user experience.

    I removed the problematic theme via FTP,
    and also renamed the plugin folder, but it doesn’t seem to work properly.
    Please help.

    Fixed. Worked!

    Theme Author Kalpit


    @arunjchess and @beautymodel: Some things are affected by hosting environments as well. I did test the theme in various conditions, but apparently that wasn’t enough. Apologies for the issues you’re facing.

    @arunjchess: Replace the following line (line 177 of functions.php)

    $logo_image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_src( esc_html( get_theme_mod( 'hued_logo_url' ) ), 'full' )[0];

    with this:

    $logo_image_url = get_theme_mod( 'hued_logo_url' );
    				if ( $logo_image_url ) {
    					$logo_image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_src( esc_html( $logo_image_url ), 'full' )[0];

    This should fix your problem. If you face any issue, do post here. I’ll provide you a solution ASAP.

    Please include complete error message or screenshot if possible.

    Theme Author Kalpit


    @beautymodel: The list of errors you’ve posted (probably from themecheck site) do no tell the complete story.

    First of all, themes are recommended (not required) to include all the WordPress theme features. That being said, these features may be added in future updates.

    About the “critical security breaches”: It’s absolutely safe! You can look up the use of variable functions and their security issues (none in Hued theme’s context). Variable functions are used in many other (approved) WordPress themes as well. Hued theme was reviewed by WordPress theme reviewers and admins. Trust them on this, if not me 😉

    Nonetheless, it’d be really helpful if you could share the bugs you’re facing. If you need any assistance to set up Hued theme for your blog let me know!

    No, that’s not the way GOOD wordpress themes work.
    You don’t need to ever start coding just to make a theme work in wordpress.
    Really shameful.

    Theme Author Kalpit


    @beautymodel: The solution was provided to get the theme working in the incompatible hosting environment “immediately”.
    The issue was then noted and fixed in the next update.

    Hued Theme v2.0.6 is now live and the issue has been fixed. Kindly confirm the same and mark this thread as resolved.


    I’m glad you fixed this error. But I resolved the error long back by deleting a few files through FTP, and changing to default theme. And then I changed to another theme. That hack worked fine.

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