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  • Hi @nhanhcentral. Thanks for submitting a review and describing the problems you encountered. It seems, though, that these error messages are generated by the Facebook review process and not the plugin itself. Can you confirm? I’d like to properly assess if there is in fact something wrong with the RSS feed or not.

    Occasionally, images can fail to load for several reasons (even if just temporary, network problems) and unless you’re able to re-submit for review, that error will persist in the review report. Perhaps it’s a question of fixing any other errors/warnings that may be present and then re-submitting?

    Are these the only errors provided by the review or are there others?

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    Hi @demoive. There is only this error prevailing and I believe it is generated by the Facebook review process. If you have accessed the image link, you should see that the image is online and the URL is working, so I am not sure why the RSS feed cannot download the image. I have tested it with URL’s from other websites and it worked.
    One time Images from my website could be downloaded, then I clicked on the Save button in the Instant Articles configuration and the images could not be downloaded anymore.

    @nhanhcentral. I agree, it sounds like this error is from the internal Facebook review process. In fact, it appears as if this plugin is working properly since it’s correctly generating the Instant Article markup and sending it to Facebook as expected. Would you agree?

    On this note, I’m curious if you had any experience regarding the plugin itself which influenced your rating score because I’d be interested in resolving that for you on this thread. If you’d like to open a discussion in the forum for the Facebook Review process, there might be additional help available from the community. But I don’t want to leave you empty handed, so below is my response to the error message from the one-time Facebook Review:

    Yes I have observed the image is working properly. Downloading an image is a pretty simple operation and given that there is a valid error message from Facebook’s attempt to download it, it’s likely not a bug, but an actual reason why Facebook can’t download the image.

    Can you think of any configuration on your server which might make attempting to download an image generate a 403 (Forbidden) error? Perhaps there are settings which prevents raw downloading of assets? Or maybe prevents the download if the origin of the request is from a different country?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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