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    hello, I have installed your theme but I have error :

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mnt/133/sdb/e/6/mstuning/blog/wp-content/themes/easel/functions.php on line 49
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mnt/133/sdb/e/6/mstuning/blog/wp-content/themes/easel/functions.php on line 54
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function easel_display_blog_navigation() in /mnt/133/sdb/e/6/mstuning/blog/wp-content/themes/easel/content.php on line 2


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  • FTP into your site (or whatever file management application your host provides) & delete the wp-content/themes/easel folder. Then upgrade WordPress before you try installing any more themes.

    I can’t upgrade my wordpress because the php version is
    5.1.3RC4-dev on my host

    In that case, you really only have 3 options:

    1. Persuade your hosts to upgrade the server
    2. Move to another hosting company
    3. Avoid downloading any themes created or updated in the last year or so.

    Ok thanks for reply.

    1 it’s not possible
    2 why not in futur but not now
    3 how to know the date of creating theme?

    Theme Author Frumph


    Actually I believe it had more to do with the theme not having access (permissions or doesn’t exist) to it’s own widgets and functions directories more then the php version, that particular php code doesn’t rely on a php higher then 5 from what I remember, could be wrong though.

    Theme Author Frumph


    // These autoload
    foreach (glob(easel_themeinfo('themepath') . "/functions/*.php") as $funcfile) {

    is the same as writing out:



    I found the problem, the function

    glob() is not supported by my host.

    soluce here in french


    function myglob( $patt, $drp=0 ) {
            $dir=dirname( $patt );
            $pat=basename( $patt );
            $md=($drp & GLOB_MARK)==GLOB_MARK;
            if (is_dir($dir) && ($d = @opendir($dir))) {
                    $gl = array( ',/,', '/\./', '/\*/', '/\?/', '/^/', '/$/', ',/\.\*,', ',^/\^\.\*,'  );
                    $re = array( '\\/', '\.',   '.*',   '.',    '/^',  '\$/', '/[^.].*',  '/^[^.].*' );
                    $newpat=preg_replace( $gl, $re, $pat );
                            while (($filename = @readdir($d)) !== false) {
                                    if( $filename == '.' || $filename == '..' )
                                    if( preg_match( $newpat, $filename )) {
                                            $reponse[]= $dir . '/' . $filename . (($md && is_dir($dir.'/'.$filename)) ? '/' : '');
            if(($drp & GLOB_NOCHECK)&&count($reponse)==0)
                    return array($patt);
            if($drp & GLOB_NOSORT)
                    return $reponse;
            sort( $reponse );
            return $reponse;

    thanks for help and reply

    Theme Author Frumph


    The ‘glob’ is used in the options pages as well, just a reminder to set that myglob into those as well

    Ues I saw and modify, theme working correctly


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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