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    Hi @merten70,

    It’s very late to reply as I’ve missed these entirely. Which is my mistake, as I’m used to our users leaving reviews on the OceanWP theme for all products, so apologies for this as well.

    Basically, I’ll leave a general reply in regards to this situation, that might help in the future (hopefully there won’t be any need for it) or help others that read the reviews.

    1. We always announce updates, the update order and website pre-update precaution measures, like disabling auto updates, taking backups, testing updates on staging or other environments before updating the live site, etc. You can check our website actually for confirmation, but we can’t force anyone to follow our advice.

    2. We always provide backup versions on our website which you can download aka versions that were available before releasing new updates. Check:

    3. Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over auto-updates.

    4. Including you guys, tickets, group and forum: a total of 30 users has reported the issue (doesn’t include the affected websites count).

    5. The problem was fixed within several hours. However, when a website already experiences a critical error, a released update doesn’t mean anything sadly and the issue still needs to be addressed manually.

    6. When something like this happens, I know you guys expect support to have all the answers immediately and everyone is asking the same question. Unfortunately, that’s often not possible until everything is inspected. Therefore you will always receive some general pointers on how to resolve the problem quickly til the problem has been on our end and we’re familiar with the details. Thank you for your understanding on this.

    7. I risk sounding like Dumbledore, but whoever has asked us for help, has received help, free user or not. Please understand that we’re guests on this forum just as you, and there are rules we need to follow, so support services and the questions we can ask or advice we can share is limited. It’s not that we don’t want to, but we also need to do our share when it comes to the forum, abide by the rules and help keep it organized.

    Apologies for all the inconvenience you’ve experienced in the past and thanks for using OceanWP

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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