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  • Hi. I’m trying to export my DB (utf-8) using WP migrate DB and I’m getting file in something like ‘Western (Mac OS Roman)’ encoding. It’s not a problem do convert in to utf, but my website in Russian and contains cyrillic letters. All of them looks like ‘–ú–∏—Å—Ç–µ—Ä’ in an sql dump, produced by WP migrate DB. Everything worked before some update, but now it’s broken.

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  • Just a guess. Can you try having the charset in your config to utf8 and see if it works?

    Everything is in utf8.

    Same problem here. Been using this script for many sites and had no problem with this. Everything is in UTF8 also. This is one of the “rare” website that is not using WPML (yet) and is only in English (for now).

    Thanks for the great plugin though,

    Was there ever a resolution for this?

    I’m getting similar issues with weird characters appearing in the dumped text. The db collation is UTF8_unicode_ci.

    Plugin Author Brad Touesnard


    Can one of you upload your original database to Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar and send me the link at

    Will do.


    Plugin Author Brad Touesnard


    Thanks, will look into it soon.

    Hey Guys,

    I work with Brad on WP Migrate DB and thought I’d chime in here to try to figure out what might be happening.

    Brad has provided me with a few of the dumps that you guys have provided for testing purposes. This is what I’ve tried so far:

    1. Import the original dumps into my local environment
    2. Get the website running (by changing admin password / home & site urls / etc )
    3. Dump the website data via phpMyAdmin ( i.e. dump-1 )
    4. Dump the website data via WPMDB
    5. Import the WPMDB dump into the same installation
    6. Dump the website data via phpMyAdmin ( i.e. dump-2 )

    I then ran a diff tool across the phpMyAdmin dumps dump-1 and dump-2. Unfortunately they appear to be identical. So WPMDB appears to be doing it’s job in that the data is exactly the same before and after the import.

    It sounds like you guys are seeing odd characters in the dumps but is this actually affecting the content at all? That is, are you seeing weird characters on the front end of the website when you import the WPMDB dumps?

    Getting the same issue. Exported the DB from a live WP install and brought it down to a local environment and seeing encoding errors on the front-end of the site. When I check the actual DB dump file as well, I can see the weird encoding errors.

    Stuff like:


    Will appear like:


    Any help would be appreciated.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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