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  • Hello,

    I want to be able to embed a PDF into a new page in my wordpress website. I want this PDF to use Google Docs, if possible, since this will allow the most flexibility. The user won’t have to download Adobe to view the PDF.

    One additional requirement I have is that the iframe or whatever I use to embed the PDF must be flexible and dynamically sized. So when the user resizes their browser window, the “page” area size increases/decreases and the embedded PDF should resize as well. I want to avoid using a fixed size.

    Help is appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Anyone?

    will this work:

    The scribd embed code doesn’t do anything on my wordpress site. Note that I am hosting my own webserver, not using the wordpress hosting service.

    How do I make the links work?

    I still haven’t seen a solution that doesn’t require me to specify explicit dimensions for the embedded PDF. I want it to take up the full width and height of the wordpress page I’ll be embedding it in.

    Also, the PDF file I have is on my own website. I would like to avoid uploading it to scribd for google docs because it will be more difficult to update the document there if it changes.

    I need to be able to embed a PDF from an arbitrary URL into wordpress.

    Try this
    It lets you embed PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, and TIFF images in a web page using the Google Docs Viewer.

    Unlike Scribd, the files do not need to be uploaded to any service first – including Google Documents – but can exist anywhere accessible on your site or the internet.

    8207h32, it still does not dynamically resize to fill the dimensions of its parent container, does it? I read somewhere that dynamic iframes do not exist yet in the HTML standard, so this might be a limitation of HTML.

    With Google Document Embedder, I still have to specify a width/height.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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