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    First, this is an incredible package you guys have available.

    Unfortunatly, I am not as incredible. It seems the email functions on my Blog are not working. It won’t email out passwords when people create accounts and it won’t check the email account I have to email a post.

    I am hosting on and had to comment out some stuff on the settings.php to get the blog to set up.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • I found another post and found out that does not support sendmail on their windows side. That is crap.

    Does anyone know why it would not grab my email posts though?

    Tom Lany


    In order to send you mail, Word Press uses sendmail. Without sendmail, I don’t think that Word press will send out emails (don’t quote me). If sendmail is disabled on Godaddy Windows, you might want to ask Godaddy if you can switch to linux if it supports sendmail and you don’t have any need for windows. Does Godaddy support sendmail on linux? I imagine that you will run in to cases down the road where sendmail could be helpful. I would try to get on a plan that supports it.

    To get Word Press to get your mail that you sent to your blog, you either need to view a page on your site every time you want the mail to be recieved by your blog (can’t remember the URL off the top of my head-the codex might help) or get WP-Cron, the plugin for I used to use this plugin. It triggers the URL for you automatically, and posts post themselves. It worked great for me! Be sure to activate BOTH WP-Cron and WP-Cron-Mail on you’r blog’s plugin page.

    “Does Godaddy support sendmail on linux?”

    Yup, or to be precise I don’t know, but email notifications are working for me so if sendmail is the way it works, then yes.

    Fortunately I set up on linux from the beginning but I believe they have a painless way to switch from win to linux. It’s pretty obvious if I remember right.

    [update to my previous post]
    Aaack, disregard. I was notified thru Ecto, not thru wp, so I shudda kept my yap shut. I don’t know whether or not notification works straight from wp.

    It turns out that you were right. Evidently running PHP on Windows based servers makes the PHP work with one hand tied behind it’s back. When I switched to Linux (fairly painless) it started to function correctly.

    I did get an error when I tried to blog by mail that read:
    Ooops POP3: premature NOOP OK, NOT an RFC 1939 Compliant server
    This thread had an answer:

    The new problem is that it adds a few wierd characters into the post along with some odd line breaks:

    If you are reading this, it means that it is =
    possible to =0A=
    post via email now! Yea!

    Thank you for everyones help.

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