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    Hi there (yet again!)

    Is there any way to have the ellipses display on the same line of a shortened post rather than on a new line? Thanks!


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    Hi @shereewalker,

    By default, the ellipses should display on the same line rather than on a new one (see this screenshot example). If it isn’t displaying correctly on your site then could you provide a link so that I can take a look first hand?

    Many thanks!


    Hi, I am so confused about the ellipses. Should you be able to click on them and they allow you to read the rest of the text that is hidden? I would like to add a read more button to my posts on the home page but I have tried everything with plugins and the read more tag in classic editor and the more block in block editor. Nothing seems to work. Please can somebody help, as I am at my wits end. I am posting here because I have no idea how to create a new thread!



    Hey here, I am not really sure what you need or if it is even related to this plugin but I would suggest finding an example of what you need and then posting on Stack Overflow.

    Good luck

    Hi Sheree thank you for replying! I dont know what you mean by stack overflow! I have no idea how to create a new topic in this wordpress forum and I thought I at least had some intelligence, clearly not – could you tell me how please? All I can seem to do is reply!



    Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for website and programming related topics.

    You will need to create an account and ask your question clearly but it’s a great resource



    Hey deniseking2506,

    To answer your question… the ellipsis should expand the rest of the article/post text if you click on it. If this is not working properly for you can I have you submit your issue on our support page here. We would be happy to look into this further for you.

    When submitting your support request please include your plugin’s System Info as it will help us better determine what the underlying issue might be.

    To get your plugin’s System Info go to:

    WordPress DashBoard – Facebook Feed – Settings – Support (tabbed page).
    Select all text in the “System Info” by clicking in the box, copy and then paste the ‘System Info’ into your reply.

    Also provide the shortcode you are currently using and the link to the specific site page where you have the plugin’s feed installed. I will wait for your response.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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