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    Hey there,

    Currently running the latest version of Elementor and I am facing an issue when attempting to load Elementor’s version of the Theme Builder (no issue with the standard wordpress display).

    The builder gives me the following error message : Error: Unexpected token ‘<‘, “<br /> <b>”… is not valid JSON which happens on the following file web-cli.min.js?ver=3.21.7:3

    Any idea how I could fix this ? I have tried downgrading elementor to a previous version as well as disable all my other plugins.

    Thanks for the help

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    Edit : The issue seems to have fixed itself automatically, probably through an elementor cron job.

    More context about the issue, it occured approximately 48 hours after updating to a newer version and updating the elementor DB through the prompt option given on the dashboard. The issue has fixed itself within the same day.

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