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  • I have configured a site using WP on my Development Server and now I have moved it to another server with new URL. I have chagned URL in database as well. But, my menus are pointing to the OLD URL.

    How can I change them?

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  • First question, are the menus dynamic, or are the URL’s manually entered?
    Second question, does your “General Settings” reflect your database changes? (both the wordpress url, and the site url?)

    1) Yes Menus are created from WP-Admin > Apearance > Menus.
    2) Yes, both variables are showing proper data in “General Settings”

    I have the same Problem.

    I just moved my blog to another server, with a new URL, I used every Step that needed, and mentioned in all the forums.

    I even Used WP Migrate DB plugin & Velvet Blues Update URLs.

    My Menus still Pointing to the Old URL.

    Note: I used 2 methods to change my blog URL:
    1. From the database Manually.
    2. I used WP Migrate DB plugin.

    I used those methods & I didn’t changed the URL from the settings page, because i need both Blogs to be Online until I test the new one, anyway the URLs in the setting page now pointing to New URL, I only have the problem with the Menu ” even when i click Home ” it takes me to the old URL.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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