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  • I imagine this gets aired often, because there are lots of questions and half-solutions on the forums and with plugins: Ability to show and hide page children in page menus of a web site in the web browser (I am not talking aobut hiding them from the backend, which is well supported via wp_list_pages). For those of us who use WP as a CMS this is extremely important! I suggest:

    * Ability to specify flyout menus (in horizantal menus these would be drop-down)
    * Ability to create show and hide sub-categories on vertical menus (Click on a page link and it’s children appear below).
    * This functionality could be managed from Settings where you could chose various optiosn:

    – Auto show/hide page children on click
    – Insert shown children inline
    – Show children in flyout (drop-down)
    – Keep children visible on subpages of same parent (this provides a mini-menu)
    – Children are shown by hover on parent
    – Children are shown by click on parent (second clic opens parent page)
    – Children are only shown on pages of same parent.


    I realize there are various plugins out there, but they are all designed with the horizontal drop-down in mind and I also find them somewhat difficult to custumize, being more of a cut-and-paster and modifier than a coder.

    Thanks for listening!

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