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  • Hi all,

    Anyone using the plugin called Dropbox?

    I am trying to develop WP sites.

    1. i am trying to get the WP site into my desktop then
    2. if i want to work on it on the road….download it to my LAPTOP and work on it from there.

    PROBLEM MIGHT BE: If i develop it using my localhost FROM MY Desktop…WOULD there be a problem working on it on my local host on my Laptop?

    ONE solution that i thought of might be to copy it to a thumb drive…and work on it from my LAPTOP..then reverse the procedure when i get back to my DT.

    Opinions or solutions from anyone?


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  • I haven’t used that plugin or tried using a thumb drive, but when I need to use two machines for local development I use a hybrid solution: Dropbox for the WordPress files and my hosting account for the database. Here’s how:

    – Create a database on my hosting account
    – Point the MAMP Apache Document Root to my Dropbox folder
    – Install WordPress in a Dropbox folder
    – Use the remote database credentials instead of root

    The only issue is that, depending on your host, the speed will be slower than a local database.

    It can be messy using Dropbox to store your database files (or a thumb drive I would imagine), so using this hybrid solution has worked for me.

    Let me know what you figure out. Cheers.

    Hey Kevin,…thanks very much.

    Now…shouldn’t you install the WordPress folder in Dropbox first…before creating a database in WAMP?

    Thanks man…

    This hybrid solution uses a database on a remote server instead of the WAMP provided local database.

    In order to install WordPress, you’ll need to first create the remote database and add a user.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Hmmm….so basically you are doing the following (if i understand you).

    1. you are creating a database in your cpanel.
    2. you point your database (from step 1) to WAMP.
    3. you install wordpress into a Dropbox folder.
    4. you are using your computer (lets say your Laptop) “using local host” (WAMP) to make changes to WordPress (database info and changes).
    5. using a remote connection….you are playing with “the files” using a WEB APPLICATION program (lets say its dreamweaver)?
    6. If the above is correct…you would still need online access to work with this system?


    ..thanks man! You are one of the first i have met who knows this system.

    Hi tcw7,

    In my method, I don’t use the local database (WAMP) at all. All the web server files are local but the database is remote.

    I outlined this process on my website a few months ago: Local WordPress Development on Multiple Machines

    Here’s an excerpt:

    1. Install MAMP on both machines.
    2. Once MAMP is set up, go to MAMP Preferences -> Apache and change document root to your Dropbox folder or a Dropbox subfolder. For me it’s: /Users/Kevin/Dropbox
    3. Ensure you change this setting on both machines
    4. Now create a database on your hosting account (I use Bluehost).
    5. Be sure to enable remote access to MySQL. If you’re using a shared hosting account and cPanel, click on Remote MySQL

    WordPress Installation
    1. Download WordPress and unzip it
    2. Place the unzipped WordPress folder in your Dropbox folder
    3. Start MAMP
    4. Go to: http://localhost:8888/ (This may be different if you changed your default MAMP port settings)
    5. Click on WordPress folder to install

    Let me know if you have any problems.

    Even i wanted to to do the same what tcw7 wants to. I have been working on developing a website on my home pc. And that website isn’t hosted yet(i just get http://localhost:80880). Now i want to edit this website(not hosted) on my office computer. Please help in accomplishing this.
    Thanks in advance.
    PS: I installed wordpress on my home pc using Microsoft’s WebPi. I did not manually install anything. WebPi did everything for me setting up a database etc,etc.

    Nirocks, There’s no easy solution. You’ll need to use Dropbox on both computers or set up remote access to your home computer.

    How can i set up remote access to my home computer?

    You can install Dropbox on both of your computers to share files. Remote desktop connections are beyond the scope of this forum. There are many different solutions depending on your operating system.

    Do you try to host all files at dropbox?

    Hi Kevin,

    Many thanks for the link to your website post! I too have read the blog posts about syncing a MySQL database using Dropbox and they all seem to be for single developers working between a desktop and notebook at DIFFERENT TIMES. I am wary of the potential corrupted database files. Also, I hear you cannot run both instances of MAMP simultaneously which is what I am trying to do to work with my partner on the same site at the same time.

    Have you tried this or do you think it is possible?


    Hi Jay,

    I’ve had MAMP and the same files open on both computers at the same time and I haven’t had any problems, but I have done any rigorous testing. Just to be sure, you might want to try it out on a test site before doing this with any important files/sites.


    Thanks Kevin.

    It’s only for the (new) development of a small restaurant site. Since it’s not some load of existing data etc, I can surely take that risk—it’s just never nice to lose a few days work.

    I have been tirelessly researching Git, GitHub and using a versioning control system more robust than Dropbox. It’s just that it’s really, really complicated for a graphic designer like me.
    I have set up a GitHub account (paid for private repositories) but am not so hot on command line Terminal stuff so tried to install their Mac client (fail)—needs to have Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. Then I got Tower, a Git GUI. One of the best I hear. Can’t seem to access the repositories I have created with it after an hour.

    Can anyone advise if they feel Git/GitHub is the correct solution for a 2-person design team working on the same WordPress site at the same time?

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