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    While I know you have the best of intentions, it’s forum policy that you not ask users for admin or server access. Also please do not send them to off-forum contact.
    Users on the forums aren’t your customers, they’re your open source collaborators, and requesting that kind of access can put you and them at high risk.
    If they are paying customers (such as people who bought a premium service/product from you) then by all means, direct them to your official customer support system. But in all other cases, you need to help them here on the forums.

    Thankfully are other ways to get information you need:

    You get the idea.

    We know volunteer support is not easy, and this guideline can feel needlessly restrictive. It’s actually there to protect you as much as end users. Should their site be hacked or have any issues after you accessed it, you could be held legally liable for damages. In addition, it’s difficult for end users to know the difference between helpful developers and people with malicious intentions. Because of that, we rely on plugin developers and long-standing volunteers (like you) to help us and uphold this particular guideline.
    When you help users here and in public, you also help the next person with the same problem. They’ll be able to read the debugging and solution and educate themselves. That’s how we get the next generation of developers.

    Hello @seekbeacon,
    Thanks for reaching out to us, and I’m sorry to hear this. The drag and drop is a free feature. If you have a cache plugin, can I ask that you clear the cache and see if it works?
    If not, could you please provide a video on how to reproduce the issue?
    I’m positive it can be resolved. Thanks in advance!

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    There is no cache plugin on the site, but we do have Litespeed caching on the server.
    This shows the issue –


    Hello @seekbeacon,
    Thanks for your patience.

    To drag and drop the media files, there is an icon used for this that seems to be missing from the video

    Could you clear the Litespeed cache / temporarily disable it and see if that resolves the issue?

    If not, please download the Health Check Plugin and enable the Troubleshooting Mode.
    Change to a default theme, then enable the Folders plugin alone in this mode and see if it shows the drag and drop icon. If yes, enable the other plugins and themes one at a time to find the plugin that might be conflicting with this.

    Please keep us posted on how it goes.

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. Have already tried clearing Litespeed cache, issue still there. Disabled Litespeed, issue still there
    2. Will not use Health Check plugin as it has broken site previously
    3. Disabled all plugins except for yours, issue still there
    4. With just your plugin activated, on Twenty Twenty-One theme, issue still there

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