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    After 2 years without any update of the best and simple plugin for caching WordPress pages, now we have a new version. Oh yes babe! But after the new installation, what I see? I need to buy the pro version if I want to use the “old” features to clean cache manually, setup the Dynamic Cache Pruning Routines and the URI Patterns, etc, etc.

    So, what I recommend is to still use the old version.

    p.d.: the old interface was more clean and modern than the new one!

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  • Army


    I hear you. A lot of people seem to feel this way about a lot of things in life that are ‘free.’ For me, however, I have used the ‘free’ version for a long time with a lot of success. I’m more than happy to plunk down $15 for such a great plugin, especially one that is being attended to. That’s less than 1/2 of a single penny a day for two years of ‘free.’ Just sayin…



    I agree with you snakesmaster. We have hundreds of WP sites that have been messed up by the update. Issues with errors or the site showing the Mobile view on a PC etc. No way to easily use the no cache user agents etc. If they would have just left the rest of us with the old version and introduced the paid version it would have been better. Our issue is we use the Auto Update plugin to keep things up to date since customers will not do it.

    Bottom line is $15 isn’t much but multiply that by several hundred and it is significant. What are we supposed to tell those who rely on us? I suppose the issue with Open Source is there is zero accountability but zero cost. I’ve joined for $400 plus a year but they don’t offer a cache since there are so many out there. The problem is they are all tricky to set up correctly or have other issues.

    Army I’m not agree with you. Of course you can make a paid plugin but please don’t update the free version with another one with less options that crashes a lot of WordPress installations. Right $15 is not too much, but to reinstall a couple of sites that crashes or didn’t work fine with the new update it cost much more.



    Good points all around. I was very pissed off when my site crashed because of this plugin. Perhaps a discount is in order for those affected.

    Everyone, these forums are only for FREE versions of plugins or themes – so any issues with a paid version, please take up with the developers directly.



    Everyone, these forums are only for FREE versions of plugins or themes – so any issues with a paid version, please take up with the developers directly

    We are talking about the FREE version, not the paid version. The problems we are all having is with the FREE version. A new release a couple days ago may have fixed some of these issues. For example the PHP 5.3 issue appears to be reconciled.

    I’m still concerned about how the FREE plugin acts with mobile plugins like WP Touch and the one with Jetpack. There is no longer an area in the FREE plugin that allows you to exclude certain user agents associated with mobile browsers. I’m sure it can still be done in the .htaccess but the interface was nice in the previous FREE version.

    If that’s the point here, fine – there seemed to be a lot of discussion about cost.

    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    I can understand the frustration some of you are having with the changes to the new version and I sincerely apologize for that. Releasing something after 2 years and ensuring that nobody will have any issues is not easy, which is why the two-year delay in updates is not something I want to let happen again.

    I’m actively fixing bugs and taking feedback for new features. If you want to report a bug or submit a feature request, please do so on GitHub.

    @paontheweb If you’re auto-updating plugins on hundreds of WordPress sites, you should really be testing each new version of the plugin prior to the update. (This applies to all WordPress plugins, not just Quick Cache.) The potential for something to go wrong with a plugin update is always there and auto-updating plugins on hundreds of WordPress sites warrants extra care and responsibility.

    @snakesmaster @paontheweb If you’re unhappy with the latest version of the plugin, you can always download the last release of the old version (v111203, released on December 3rd, 2011).

    @army Thank you for the support! 🙂

    It’s the best cache plugin for WordPress. Just use common sense when updating any plugins and you won’t have the issues so many have reported and complained about.

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