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    Are you able to be more specific? “Doesn’t work” is not helpful to anyone, me included, especially given the plugin does work for at least (at time of this post) 6000+ people anyway.

    As an example, something more helpful would be something like “Does not work on <inset theme name here>” or something of that nature, so that others can be wary and learn from your experience. That sort of feedback also gives me the opportunity to see if I can find a solution.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ok, I was upset. I don’t have time to epxeriment. Facebook Debugger is not working. i cannot post my content properly. Thumb Fixer works, but it sends that annoying notification so I installed Open Graphite.
    It shows blog logo instead of thumb.
    I tried to add Facebook app key and even after that it still doesnt show the proper thumb. I lost about 30 minutes with this, and 10 more to explain here. Good luck and I am backwith Thumb Fixer.


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    Props – I appreciate the the update.

    I know a lot of people expect Open Graphite to work the same as the old plugin did, but they are in fact quite different (even though they perform the same task).

    The old plugin was a ‘set it and forget it’ experience, but unfortunately it was terrible in that you could not customise how your page appeared when viewed on social media (which is very important) as it would just scrape the title and first bit of content it found. That’s not very efficient when you’ve only got milliseconds to capture someones attention as they thumbs through their feeds on Facebook, and a poorly worded title, uncaptivating image or sloppy excerpt will easily go unnoticed.

    Open Graphite solves that problem, but a lot of people expected the same ‘set it and forget it’ experience. It requires a little more effort.

    Anyway, it sucks you wasted 30 minutes of your time. I’m going to pull the old plugin from the WordPress repo sometime this year anyway, so you may want to consider looking into alternative open graph plugins, even if it isn’t my Open Graphite plugin.

    Have a great day!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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