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    First off, thank you for this amazing plugin which I’m hoping heads off a lot of referrer spam from even getting to the stats. I’ve put this on my sites, as well as the client sites my employer hosts. However a thought crossed my mind today. I use a caching plugin which drops advanced-cache.php in wp-content, essentially checking for a cached version of a page being accessed and loading that cached file directly if it exists rather than process everything. Because of this behavior, I was wondering if this meant that cached pages that get loaded don’t receive the benefits of this plugin. If this is true, then I would be curious as to a potential way to make this plugin do its work first before loading cached pages. Thank you for your time and consideration, and again, thank you for this plugin!

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    depends on what kind caching you are using.
    Plugin was tested with W3 Total cache.

    Unless caching pugin is set with priority 0, this plugin try to shoot everything with priority 1 (default for WordPress plugins is 10). If you plugin respect other plugins priorities, there should not be problems.

    Since there is no sure way to implement on .htaccess level for Apache or map option on NGINX, I left this plugin working only on PHP level.

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