• A lot of people seem to think this replaces the former WP User Avatar… it does not.

    First, it appears that support is seriously lacking here… look at the numerous support questions left unanswered. A couple that particularly interested me had to do with whether it was possible to allow users to upload their avatar from the frontend.

    I do not give users access to the WordPress Admin User page. The old WP User Avatar had a nice simple shortcode which I could use on the frontend.

    I find there is ZERO documentation here for this plugin and even looking through the code I can find NO shortcode for use on the frontend… so even though those support questions went unanswered, I can see why: there is NO support for user avatar uploads on the frontend.

    So the bottom line is, if you’re looking for something that provides an interface for users on the frontend (like the old WP User Avatar), this plugin will NOT do what you need.

    One User Avatar does.

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