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    This same developer had another plugin called Dark Mode. They apparently sold the plugin to someone and now it’s a random Markdown plugin with a terrible UI. All of a sudden, this random Markdown editor that I don’t want or need is on my site.

    Who knows what this plugin will become when they get enough users and decide to CA$H IN AGAIN??

    If you like having random plugins installed on your site, give it a whirl. Otherwise it may be best to look for a different solution.

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  • Plugin Support MD Sabbir Ahmed


    Hi @dmatamales

    Thanks for reaching out. We can totally understand how frustrating it is to be when a user faces an issue or inside a misconception.

    We’re Looking forward to your purchase information with the website URL so that our Developer can take a closer look at what’s going on right away.

    As you are our Markdown Editor user, maybe you can directly mail us at our support, as we are always waiting to resolve user issues.

    In your reply, you didn’t say anything about your Plugin issues. Please make us clear what is the issue that you may have encountered.

    WP Markdown and WP Dark Mode are totally different plugins with a completely different mechanism.

    WP Markdown Editor is used as an advanced editor but it has an extra feature that can enable dark mode inside the Admin area. Please go to settings and turn on the first checkbox that says disable everything except dark mode so it will disable all other features.

    Wp Dark mode is another successful product that is used to get a pure Dark mode on the Website.

    We are not selling something similar with a different name.

    Please standby and one of our developers will get back to you instantly when you mail us with more details about your issues.

    We hope you enjoy the extension of our service and help us to resolve your issues.


    Thread Starter dmatamales


    Thanks for trying to further gaslight the community 🙂 There is no misconception here. I simply said that WPPOOL had another plugin that was called Dark Mode just like this one. All it did was add a dark mode theme to the admin screens.

    Until one day it did not even do that right, the day when you folks totally changed/destroyed it and it became a random Markdown plugin installed on my site that I did not need or want.

    Now it appears you are playing the same game again, and I’m just trying to warn people so they know what they are getting into and can make an informed decision to skip installing any of WPPOOL’s plugins.

    Obviously your business model is to get a plugin with enough users and then radically change its features and/or sell it off to someone else who I assume does something nefarious with site data. That’s lame and you deserve to be called out for it.

    If there isn’t any deception at work here, perhaps you can explain why the plugin formerly known as Dark Mode has become WP Markdown Editor:

    And then why you needed to create another plugin called WP Dark Mode:

    Please explain to your users why you did this. I did not want WP Markdown Editor on my site but one day I found it on there thanks to your deceptive practices. Can you promise your users that you will not do this again? Even if you do that, can we believe you?

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