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  • Bump, can anyone help me or would i have more luck looking else where?


    What, specifically is the issue?

    For some reason, I’m getting a “problem loading page” at the moment anyway. I’ll check it a bit later, but if you could describe what you’re trying to achieve, it would be helpful.

    It took a bit for your page to load in Mozilla, and I do see a few issues – but yeah – we can’t read your mind. What it is you’re looking to have happen? More information is needed than “I can’t get them to recognize each other” (whatever that means).

    If you have a look now you will see that the page isn’t displaying properly. The divs are all over the place and sometimes on top of each other. I also can’t get them to stay a certain size. They keep going to big and breaking the page.



    You’ve got a *serious* mess there. How much of the CSS file did you edit yourself – or did it come this way when you downloaded the theme? I see it’s all table-based, as well. You’ve also got some CSS3 stuff in your CSS file – most CSS3 stuff is ignored by most all browsers (save Opera), so it’s being ignored by browsers. (For example, “.clearfix:after” – the :after” is a CSS3 thing. Using it will only work in Opera. So if you’re trying to clear floats or something with it, it ain’t gonna work.)

    Personally, if it were me, I’d start over. That’s amazing – I wouldn’t even know where to start on fixing that! (Well, I *would* but that’s actually where my paycheck comes from – fixing entire sites like this!)

    You also have a 404 page set as the content for your style.css file – what’s up with that?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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