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  • Plugin Author Marco Milesi


    scusa il ritardo ma il forum di WordPress non rientra tra i miei “canali” di supporto, sia per questioni di comodità, sia per questioni di “policy” e comportamento dei moderatori…

    Il problema comunque io non lo riscontro: spuntando una o più ditte nel riquadro “Ditte” appena la gara viene aggiornata (o pubblicata) queste compaiono in un secondo riquadro con la dicitura “Aggiudicatari”. Spuntando queste ditte nel nuovo riquadro come aggiudicatari tutto si salva correttamente.
    A presto

    PS. Per ulteriori informazioni ti invito in questo forum di supporto:

    I’m sorry but these are English language forums, so please use English or provide an English translation. Alternatively, use a WP support forum in your language.



    @esmi, some of the plugin options under various language solutions point back to this forum. And the plugin is only targeted at an Italian audience. Look at the content of the Plugin’s readme file.

    I am totally in respect for the rules, as I don’t speak Italian. (german yes, Italian, no). But it seams that this is a bit exclusionary, to say: “speak english around us or get out…” I am not even sure if this is the right location to have this conversation. It seem that it should be in the Get Involved >> Support section… (It can be a complex and emotional issue I know. So, please point to the location where we can have this conversation. I would like to get plugged in there.)

    But if you are going to ask plugin authors to only answer requests in English during their support (here), then it seems that plugin authors should only be providing readme files in English too.

    Please re-read my post above:

    please use English or provide an English translation.

    I assume most people can use Google Translate, yes?

    Plugin Author Marco Milesi


    @hugh, thank you. Some weeks ago i’ve started my “endless” war in this way, but i didn’t succeed…
    My plugin is target for italian websites only (as it concerns laws of italian municipalities and public government, so i don’t see the point of translating this support thread…).
    In addition, using the official italian WordPress forum doesn’t make sense… Should i check it everyday for questions about my plugin? My plugin is hosted here. Here i’ve a small support area. There i don’t.

    For this i’ve started my own support forum in my website, don’t worry…

    But here is the translation of what i’ve posted before

    – –
    sorry for the late response but the WordPress support forum doesn’t enter in my support “channel”, both for comfort, its “policy” and mods’ behaviour…

    Should i translate all the story regarding companies and contractors of the italian Public Works Authority? I suppose not to… In addition, this is not a tecnical question, so only italians would reply.

    PS. For more informations i invite you in this support forum:

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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