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  • Hi,

    First of all, nice job!

    Second, I think it should be added some features to this plugin to actually make it useful:

    I’m thinking of the opportunity to show the documents as a thumbnail (for example u can add a setting called “listtype” text or img for example) and also there should be a setting for the thumbnailsize for the documents.

    Also I think there should be a change to the view of the imagecaption. Today the plugin shows first the documents description and then the documents title underneath, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Easier to understand I think…

    Also it would be very nice if you could add settings for the total view. Im focusing on making it possible to list items (3 in a row or maybe even 10 in a row).

    It would also be nice to add some CSS-style directly in WordPress plugin settings.

    Ofc this needs a bit of coding, but if you think you could consider this it would’ve been awesome!

    Thanks for this plugin. I will try to code these parts for myself now actually. Will let you know if I’m able to solve any of those parts above ^^

    Kind regards,

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