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  • Removes anything you added before. Totally useless. Complete waste of time. Extremely annoying.
    *Zero* stars!!

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  • Plugin Author Peter Raschendorfer


    I’m absolutely sure that my plugin does not “remove anything”. Could you please describe what you think is so “annoying” and “disastrous”?

    Same issue as described here.
    So you do know that the plugins deletes tags.

    I even could not add missing tags by hand anymore, not by inline-editing, not via quickedit in the dashboard.

    It took me over an hour to restore my former tags on quite of older posts that I had only just opened (not even edited) with your plugin activated. I am glad I did not open even more posts to check where all my tags had gone until I figured that #hashtagger had eaten them up.

    For me that qualifies as #desaster and #annoying.

    Now the plugin is gone for good.


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    Plugin Author Peter Raschendorfer


    I’m sorry that you see it that way.

    Create a posting on Facebook. Edit it and delete a hashtag. It is gone. It exists nowhere in the background. That is exactly how this plugin works also.

    If you don’t like this behavior, you can change it. There is an option for this. Just one look into the plugin settings would have solved your problem…

    By the way, this does not happen when opening a post but only when saving it.

    It’s ok for me if you see it different and do not like the plugin. It’s just a pity that you find it annoying the plugin works as it should.

    In any case, thank you for your feedback.

    Fact is, if you delete a hashtag from the text, then you expect that the tag will be deleted automatically. Therefore the plugin has to delete every tag that does not appear as a hashtag in the text. In my opinion, this can not be solved any other way. Do you have any suggestion how this could work differently? If you have a good idea, I’d gladly change that to avoid any frustration.


    Well, I may have sounded harsher than I usually do. But I was really pissed.

    I did not even expect there would be a problem like this.

    And BTW you did not explain why your plugin prevented me from adding *any* tags manually – even if there was no #hashtagged tag left in any given post… So this “good practice”? Really?

    Of course I did not only open those posts. I changed their content for a reason. Updating links, changing tags (Big success!! LOL!)… And saved them afterwards.

    It might have been wiser to make the deletion of any tag by #hashtagger an *Opt-In*, not an *Opt-Out*. Just sayin’…


    Plugin Author Peter Raschendorfer


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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