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    The “Delete All” button in the “404s” subsection is present when loading all 404s. However, it disappears once the list is searched and filtered, so I no longer see a “Delete all matching xxx” option.

    Pre-defined vs. custom display does not affect this.

    I think this was introduced sometime recently, but it is not new with 4.6.2.

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    Yes. The delete all button deletes everything, and so it doesn’t make sense to show it when the list is not showing everything.

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    I’m referring to the fact that now, on a search for “ABC” in 404s, the “Delete All” button no longer changes to “Delete all 404s Matching ABC”—a very useful feature—as before.

    So now the quickest way to remove all 404s matching a query is page by page.

    Same problem here.

    There is no “Delete All” in a specific group of 404s, like for example if I select 404s by IPs and then go to one of those IPs groups, there is no delete button.

    Just logged in to start locating 404’s and deleting via search and noticed this also. PLEASE bring this back.

    When I delete 404s, I do it in batches. For example, I search for anything that has “wp-content” and quickly review impacted pages. Then I delete those search results.

    Then I search on anything that has “.php” to see if there are suspicious IPs or activity that needs to be blocked. Then I delete those search results.

    I essentially get rid of the unnecessary 404s so I can drill through the meaty problems that need to be solved. So I delete in large batches using search. It’s SO useful for large sites.

    Please, please bring it back.

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    Ok, I understand what you mean now. It was disabled because in some situations the ‘delete all’ applied to everything, not just the current view. I felt it safer to disable the feature until I could spend more time ensuring that it matched the current view.

    The 4.7 beta restores the function:


    @lechon you can delete when grouped by IP by clicking the ‘delete all’ underneath the row in the table, not the button at the bottom of the page.

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