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  • Dalton


    I’ve had some issues come up with a few of my forms after a recent gravity forms update, although I am not sure exactly which one… The forms that I am having issues with, have these fields:

    2 Hidden Text Fields
    1 Drop-Down Field
    2 Slider Fields
    1 Email Address Field

    The way the form is configured, depending on the option the user selects from the drop-down field, (either “Percent” or “Gallons”), the corresponding number-picker field will display, and the contrasting picker will be hidden. So if the user selects “Gallons” from the drop-down field, the “Percent” number-field will be hidden, and the “Gallons” field will display. Meaning you will only ever see 1 slider field. By default, I have the “Percent” fields showing, and that seems to be working just fine. Its when a user selects “Gallons” (or the non-default option) in the drop-down field, that things start acting weird.

    If I have a default value selected for this gallons slider, every submission will be that default value, instead of what I select. So if I have the field set to 500 gallons by default, the value that gets captured will always be 500, even if I enter 250 and submit.

    On the other hand, if I do NOT have a default value selected for this gallons slider, the form submission will fail the first time around, but will work on the second try. For some reason, the first time I try to submit, the form displays an error saying that I need to enter a value in that slider field. Without changing any values, if I just go ahead and submit the form again, it seems to capture the correct value.

    Hopefully I have explained things well enough for you to understand, but let me know if I can help with anything else!

    I will attach a couple GIF’s via a WeTransfer link here

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  • martijnlindeboom


    I have the same issue with (or not) having a default value and getting an error if someone doesn’t submit anything (because it’s is by accident actually the value they need) now they have to constantly submit twice…

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