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  • johncanham


    First I looked all the documentation over and then started to build the form. It was a long job application that took over an hour to do. As I built I had another tab open and was looking at the front to see how the form looked which was OK. After I finished the form I call the customer and he’s said that it only had a few fields. So I looked at another browser and sure enough only part of the form was there. So I looked again at the documenation and no mention of limited fields. Pro version said unlimited fields. So I spent a wasted 2 hours building and made a fool out of myself with my customer because this is how visual form builder does business. Yes I could just pay the 29 bucks but I would rather pay 50 to Ninja Forms because I need a file uploader than to pay vfb less because they are not honest. DO NOT USE THE PLUGIN. There are other things missing to like sending a confirmation email, thats probably more money. Ninja Forms has so much more for the free version. Never Again.

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  • Plugin Author Matthew Muro


    There are no limits to either the free version or Pro. The only limits are related to your server. Most people who build long forms run into issues with the max_input_vars setting in PHP which needs to be increased in order to save all of the VFB field settings. Here’s our doc on Server Requirements with a giant yellow box on max_input_vars:

    You are welcome to use whatever plugin you like. I’m tired of people leaving 1-star reviews as “revenge” because they think I’m some shady developer over here trying to steal $29 from people. If you honestly think that’s who I am, then I don’t want you as a customer — please use something else.



    Hi, I just carried out a test using the Free version. I added numerous different fields to a test form and all of them displayed correctly with out any issues. I just thought of sharing this information.

    Kind regards

    PS I am not affiliated to this plugin or the developer.

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