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    The plugin itself is the best in terms of functionality – easy to use, very efficient. The problem? They do not mention that you are only allowed to add 1 single language. They say 2, but the other one is the main language of the website that you cannot change, so in fact you can translate your website only in ONE language. If you want more you have to pay a big price, more than a 1TB Dropbox subscription. Or more than you would pay for a shared hosting for the entire website. That’s for one plugin. Ok, that’s their “business” of course, but they should have been honest and mention this huge limitation. So I give them as many stars as the languages you can add for translate in their plugin. If they were honest and straight forward then I would not have left any review.

    “Extra Languages – allows you to add an unlimited number of translation languages, with the possibility to publish languages later after you complete the translation” —- They should have said this paid addon will let you add more than one language. Would have sounded very differently.

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  • Plugin Author adispiac


    Thank you for your frankness and sorry you feel this way. Making you feel deceived was never our intention.

    In the plugin description page, right above the Extra Languages we clearly mention it is a premium add-on and link to the pricing page.

    I do appreciate your feedback, however giving the plugin a failing grade should normally be reserved for plugins with weak support, unresolved bugs, security issues, or not following WordPress standards. Which is not the case for TranslatePress.

    However I’m really happy to hear you found the plugin functionality “easy to use & efficient”, as building robust and reliable products is something we constantly push ourselves to do.

    Have a great day and good luck with your project,

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